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TH 4ever the best band in the world!
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 Ready Set Go!

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PostSubject: Ready Set Go!   Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:58 am

We were running though the town
Our senses had been drowned
No place we hadn't been before

We learned to live and then
Our freedom came to an end
We have to break down this wall
Too young to live a lie
Look into my eyes

Ready, set, go it's time to run
The sky is changing we are one
Together we can make it while the world is crashing down
Don't you turn around

We are looking back again
On loneliness and pain
Never been so wide awake

Breathe slowly in and out
somewhere beyond the clouds
I can see the morning break
Too young to live a lie
Look into my eyes


Leave it all behind you now
The final wall is breaking down
We are all it's all about
Nothing can stop us now

I promise you right know
I never let you down

[Chorus x2]

Don't you turn around
Don't you turn around

Wir ham uns totgeliebt, es bringt mich um
weil unser Traum in Trmmern liegt
Die Welt soll schweigen und fr immer einsam sein
Wir sind verloren auch wenn die Mchte sich vereinen
Es ist vorbei

28. mart 2010. wuv
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Ready Set Go!
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