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 Satan's New Friend

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PostSubject: Satan's New Friend   Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:25 pm

Satan's new friend

I can't help smiling to myself when I remember what happened that week. It was both the best and the worst week of my life.

We were best friends for four years, until that one day in year 9. It all changed then. it was the beginning of the second semester which meant newcomers to the school, which also meant...FRIEND REPLACEMENT.

There was one new girl, Naomi Peterson. When I first saw her, she seemed like this innocent little girl. So friendly to everyone, even to the Bullies. She sat with me and Nikki at lunch and we talked about her day so far, she said it was pretty awesome, and that she enjoyed having her History lessons with Nikki. That was the only lesson I didn't have with them, and I felt really unwanted.
The next day I waited for Nikki and Naomi at the bus stop, and I was really shocked to see them walking together, arms linked, with matching pink bags. What was this? What had happened to Nikki? She didn't even like pink, let alone pink bags!
'' Where have you two been don't you know how long I've ...'' I started, but Naomi cut in.
'' Why is she talking to me? I told you I didn't like her! Can't you tell her to leave us alone? It's not Nikki and Astrid anymore. It's Nikki and Naomi now.'' She snapped at me.
Naomi just stared at me with bad eyes, flashed Nikki a smile, and together they pushed me down into the snow.

Nikki changed over night. It's like she's become a Naomi clone. She's never been like this before!

During Bio I passed Nikki a note. ''Nikki what's going on?!? You've been ignoring me the whole day, what did I do?
Her reply was instant and short. ''Leave us alone. It's time for change Astrid. Get over it.''

Time for change, yeah right. She didn't really mean that. I mean, I'm still her best friend. This is just a phase... You can't become best friends with someone when you've only known them for one day!

My mom invited Nikki's family over to our house. Nikki and I went up to my room, and she just sat on the bed and stared into space.
'' Nikki why have you been like this? Can't you just tell me?'' I confronted her.
'' Look, Astrid, it's not that simple. Naomi doesn't let me out of her sight. It's kind of weird but she's my friend now. And I want to keep it that way, okay? It's not like we're not friends anymore. I just have another friend who happens to hate you but hey, life's tough.'' she said to me.
'' Nikki, I'm not like Naomi.''
'' That's nice Astrid. I want both of you there, but for now, let Naomi be the person I need the most.'' She said, and left the room. Great, now she's really gone crazy.

The next day, when the last bell rang, we made our way to the bus. Naomi, Nikki then me. I had to sit at the front because the bus was packed (oh, the joy). We were exiting the bus and ready to make our way home, when Naomi's cell rang. It was her friend Joy, from back home. Turns out Joy is coming to visit Naomi. Naomi invited Nikki to meet Joy, so I decided to tag along, I don't really care if they consider me a party crasher.

* * *

Naomi and Joy cannot stop talking! It's all '' Sweet home Alabama'', and wonderful stories from some other life. Bet you Nikki feels left out...
Naomi decided to take Joy to school and I think Nikki was about to throw a tantrum. At break time, Nikki took Naomi to the girls bathroom and they had a massive row about Nikki feeling left out (I wasn't eavesdropping, it was just incredibly loud.). Naomi told Nikki that she's just going to have to deal with it, and that, now that Joy's here, Naomi will have to pay more attention to her.

I felt bad for Nikki, I didn't want her to feel bad so I offered to walk all the way home with her, and I also carried her bag. She apologized for acting so cruel. '' It will never happen again! I swear. You know you're my best friend! I'm sorry for being so mean and cruel. I should have known better. '' I have never heard a better apology from her. EVER.

And I couldn't help smiling at myself on my way back home, I knew I got my friend back.


okay...ovu pricu sam pisala za skolski mag, pa sam je i ovde stavila...I'm open to suggestions and requests...FIRE AWAY! xD
slobodno recite ako je bljaaakk LOL
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Satan's New Friend
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